General Question

Q1 How to apply a foreign domestic helper?
A1 Immigration Requirements
  • Employer must be married and working.
  • Both husband and wife required combined minimum income of RM36,000.00 per annum for Indonesian or Cambodian or Vietnam domestic helper, and RM60,000.00 per annum for Filipino domestic helper.
  • Married employer must have child / children below 15 year old or take care of elderly / sick / parent.
  • Q2 What is the required income to qualify?
    A2 You need to have an annual income of RM36,000 in order to qualify to employ an Indonesian maid; for Philippines maid, the required income is RM60,000 per annum.
    Q3 How long will it take to apply foreign domestic helper to come to Malaysia?
    A3 It takes about 2 months for a domestic helper to come to Malaysia; however it is subject to adequate documents from domestic helper and employer; and also subject to government rules and regulations of both countries from time to time.
    Q4 How long is the employment contract?
    A4 The employment contract between employer and domestic helper is 2 years
    Q5 How many years can a foreign domestic helper work in Malaysia?
    A5 Domestic helper is allowed to work in Malaysia as long as she wishes, however it is subject to mutual agreement between employer and the domestic helper.
    Q6 What are the duties and responsibilities of employer?
  • Employer shall provide domestic helper with reasonable accommodation and basic amenities.
  • Employer shall provide domestic helper reasonable and sufficient daily meals.
  • Employer shall not require the domestic helper to work or to be engaged in any activities other than that related to household duties
  • Employer shall insure domestic helper with the foreign worker compensation scheme in respect of any medical expenses the domestic helper may incur in the event of an injury arises out of/ and in the course of employment;
  • Employer shall at all times respect and pay due regard to the sensitivity of religious beliefs of the foreign domestic helper.
  • Employer shall follow terms and conditions of the foreign domestic helper employment contract signed with the immigration department of Malaysia
  • Employer shall not abuse or ill-treat foreign domestic helper
  • Employer shall pay salary to his foreign domestic helper
  • Employer shall not deduct foreign domestic helper salary for any reason like broken or damage things.
  • Employer shall inform agency before sending foreign domestic helper to home country.
  • Q7 How to manage foreign domestic helper?
  • Employer shall provide a working schedule from monthly, weekly to daily tasks and make sure she understands it.
  • Employer shall train and supervise foreign domestic helper personally. Regardless of whether she has experience or is a mother herself, her family background, culture may be vastly different from employer.
  • Employer shall be patient that the learning process may be slow and there will be occasion of miscommunication.
  • Employer has to be realistic about expectation from foreign domestic helper. If she did not fit the expectation, then employer may have to prioritise his main areas of concern and focus his training efforts there.
  • Q8 How to keep a good foreign domestic helper?
  • Employer shall communicate with her and understand more about her personality
  • Employer shall respect and treat her well as a human being.
  • Employer shall provide rules and ensure she respect rules of the house
  • Employer shall allow her to send mail or phone call to her home country when necessary.
  • Q9 What should you do if your foreign domestic helper has problems?
    A9 Foreign domestic helper may face some problems . From time to time free counselling and re-training are provided by our agency.
    Q10 What employer has to do when his foreign domestic helper run away from house ?
    A10 Employer shall inform agency, make police report and report to the immigration department.
    Q11 Which are the approved source countries for foreign domestic helper to work in Malaysia?
    A11 Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka , Thailand, and Vietnam
    Q12 Is single parent allowed to apply foreign domestic helper?
    A12 Immigration Department allow single parent to apply foreign domestic helper as long as she has minimum income RM60,000.00 per annum and sufficient supporting documents.
    Q13 Is employer allowed to apply second foreign domestic helper?
    A13 Employer shall provide sufficient reason and minimum income RM120,000.00 per annum; however it is subject to immigration department decision
    Q14 Can employer from overseas ( Outside Malaysia ) apply for foreign domestic helper?
    A14 We can supply foreign domestic helper to employers ( Malaysians, Permanent Residents or Expatriates ) who are residing in peninsular Malaysia only.

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